Backup / Recovery

Your computer systems are a hub of activity; scheduling, accounting, office work, customer files - the list goes on. Computers are the backbone of any business.

What if you lost all of those today? Are they backed up properly? How soon could you get your information back and your business back in gear?

Disaster comes in many forms, from employee mistakes to floods and fires. Disaster Planning has always been a concept for large corporations. Planning for recovery in the worst-case scenarios. Smaller to Mid-sized businesses haven’t bothered because they don’t have the manpower to dedicate to the problem. But, when that computer crash comes up will you recover?

We’ve seen many businesses rely on outdated or unreliable backup solutions. Solutions that were running fine a year ago can be overwhelmed by large customer databases or just lack of maintenance. Solutions run by your inexperienced employees are not what you need to count on. You have a business to run – get someone else to worry about that for you!

NorthWest SysAdmin is a company dedicated to keeping your computers and data safe. With our backup packages you can choose from a one-time backup of important files or a full maintenance system. We can store that data for you on our redundant servers or package it up for you to store. With our consultants, we’ll work out a plan that matches your budget and protection needs.

Call for a consultation – let us worry about your systems!