IT Services for home users

Need to backup your data?
Spyware or Viruses?
Installing software?
New wireless network?

General computer work?

Generally for home users we pick up your system, repair and return within 48 hours. Please call for an appointment and a more specific estimate for your needs.

What’s with the house calls? We’ve found that our clients prefer us to come to their home and observe any problems. Why write down long message windows and try to explain what that “buzzing noise” is? Just show us! Allowing us to come and pick up any necessary equipment saves you the time and effort of disconnecting everything, then figuring it all out when we’re done. We can provide the extra services our diagnostic tables give us - and save you time and money.

Don’t see what you need? That’s easy - just call us. The list of services here are meant to be a guide. You shouldn’t need to know computer jargon, we can translate that for you. Call us and we can work out what you need and give you an estimate. Your estimate will include a price, how long it should take and what to expect when we’re done.